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Film Ultimate Justice 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

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Ultimate Justice Subtitle Indonesia


*.Judul: Ultimate Justice (2016)
*.Genre: Action, Thriller
*.Tipe: W-Movie
*.Kualitas: DVD Blu-Ray
*.Rilis: 2017
*.Durasi: 1 jam 33 menit
*.Rating IMDb: 4.4/10
– [ ]
*.Negara: Germany
*.Bahasa: English
*.Subtitle: Indonesia / Hardsub
*.Format: MP4 mHD 240p / HR 360p / HDR 480p

Sinopsis Ultimate Justice 2017

Nonton Film Barat Ultimate Justice Subtitle Indonesia bercerita ketika seorang anggota keluarga salah satu dari mereka diserang, sebuah tim bekas tentara elit dipanggil kembali beraksi dan permainan membunuh atau dibunuh dengan kejam akan segera terjadi.

English Plot: When a family member of one of their own is attacked, a team of former elite soldiers are called back into action and a ruthless game of kill or be killed is set in motion.

As mentioned Ultimate Justice is an ensemble piece, but thankfully the previously mentioned martial arts wunderkind Mike Möller is still a part of it, here playing a member of an A-team like group of soldiers for hire. The group is led by Mark Dacascos, who appears to be making a habit of appearing in ensemble productions in recent years, just check out the cast lists for Beyond the Game and Showdown in Manila.

The majority of the rest of the team have worked together previously as well. Producer Mike Leeder plays a shot gun totting Brit, Brandon Rhea plays a torture specialist, who featured in both One Million K(l)icks alongside Möller, and has worked with Leeder before as the Belgian fighter in Fearless.

Martin Baden, who plays the computer expert, is another returning cast member from One Million K(l)icks, and then you have the hulking German Matthias Hues, who worked alongside Dacascos on both of the movies mentioned.

Everything is going well with the team, until during a mission one of their own is killed, which leads Dacascos to disband the group and sell off the agency they work under. Everyone seems happy to go their separate ways except their commander, played by Wolfgang Riehm, who reluctantly agrees it’s the best thing to do. While having parting drinks, Dacascos and Riehm playfully compete for the attention of a lady, who ultimately finds Riehm to be the smoother operator.

Skip forward 8 years, and everyone has gone their separate ways – Riehm is happily married to the same girl with a young daughter, Leeder is running a pub, Rhea has become a monk, Hues is running a burger truck (!?), and Möller has become a petrol station attendant (!!??). However when Riehm’s property is invaded my masked assailants, who murder his wife and kidnap his daughter, leaving him for dead, Dacascos makes the decision to bring the team back together and seek (you guessed it) Ultimate Justice!

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